mpTrim and WavTrim

Site news and updates

mpTrim 3.06 (May 2023)
  1. Fixes a bug where CBR files info tag was not updated, which was causing some mp3 players to display incorrect duration information.
mpTrim 3.05 (March 2021)
  1. "Preserve the original file dates" option now works when using "save-as" as well as "save".
mpTrim 3.04 (March 2020)
  1. Added Windows color scheme option.
  2. Moved file name display box out of the information panel.
mpTrim 3.03 (February 2020)
  1. Fixed audio preview issue for files with APE tags.
mpTrim 3.00 and 3.02 (April 2019)
  1. Added support for file names with unicode (i.e. foreign) characters.
  2. Updated dialogs to non-modal mode (so for example, you can keep the options dialog opened while trimming files).
  3. Added ID3v1 genres Bachata, Reggaeton, Trap (Latin), Trap (Hip Hop), Trap (Electro), 2-Step, K-Pop, Zydeco, Baltimore (B-More) Club, Jersey Club, Soca.
mpTrim PRO 2.21 (February 2018)
  1. Thumbnails made in batch mode can be of any duration
mpTrim 2.20 (November 2016)
  1. Added end position and duration controls
mpTrim 2.13
  1. Added an ID3v2 information tab in the advanced info window
  2. Added update of the ID3v2 track length
  3. Improved the ability to add silence at the beginning or end of the mp3
  4. Improved the file-open dialog support for older versions of Windows
mpTrim 2.12
  1. Fixed VBR seek info tag position for CRC mp3s
  2. Fixed ID3 genre which wasn't saved
  3. Added '[' and ']' key shortcuts preview buttons
  4. Added F10 key shortcut to open the option dialog window
  5. Added colored text for abruptly ending files
  6. Added batch mode fade control bars (mpTrim PRO)
  7. Added batch mode idle priority option (mpTrim PRO)
  8. Added "open-folder" shortcut (CTRL-F) (mpTrim PRO)
  9. Added command-line options to quit after processing, and to run in the background (mpTrim PRO)
  10. Fixed integer overflow bug (mpTrim PRO)